Monday, September 24, 2012

The Athens Speedway

October 10, 2010

My Dad worked for George Boswell in Commerce, GA most of his adult life. He was the "best" body and fender man around! Mr. Boswell sponsored a race car, #88. Daddy did the body work on it. I think Kendall Jackson drove it. Daddy said it was #88 so that when it turned over it would still be We were at the Athens Speedway most Saturday nights during the summer. My first date ever was at the Athens Speedway and my first date with my ex-husband was at the Athens Speedway so the way to my heart back then was through a race track!

After cable came out, our Sunday afternoons were either spent in my grandmother's living room watching the race or after her death, at my parents' home. Two weeks before Daddy died, he was in Athens Regional fussing to go home and watch the Bud Shootout! Hospice told us to take him home because he didn't need them!lol When Daddy died, it was hard to watch the NASCAR races. I found some "bloggers" on and one of them sounded just like my Daddy running his mouth about all the drivers. (He has SPINOUT on Facebook and blogspot now.) I could call Daddy and say, "Did you see that wreck, Daddy?" and he'd say, "Yeah, it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!"lol I started reading the blogs and then I decided I'd write something. I called myself ATHENSSPEEWAYAN and the next thing I knew I was part of their little family. It grew to about 60 people. (FOX caved and some of us moved to blogspot. Check it out sometime.)

Back to FOX...One day in 2009 on my FOX profile, I got a message from someone called ROADHAWG, Tommy Logan, from my hometown. He googled Athens Speedway and my blog came up. He was thinking about doing a "Remembering the Athens Speedway" site. He and some of the other drivers were all involved when they made the movie Greased Lightning with Richard Pryor at the Athens Speedway. He said they made more money for that than they would have winning a race! lol His cousin, Gary Logan, drove a rollback for a living and he was killed hauling a car in an accident. The funeral procession drove by the Athens Speedway on the way to the cemetary.

Another email and Tommy told me about all the drivers he was trying to find photos of and - Guess what! Daddy had photos of some of the drivers from back in the 60s. I sent him those photos, he scanned them, emailed them back to me along with a lot of what he had. He sent me photos of his race car in the 70s. So, probably while he was racing, I was watching. Tommy said he specifically remembered Tommy Roberts. Daddy had his photo, too. Then a couple of weeks later, Tommy Roberts died. We talked for a while then I didn't hear from him anymore until I got an email from him telling me about the ATHENS SPEEDWAY REUNION! I couldn't wait! It was this past March. I didn't know anyone there except for the lady who worked at the concession stand, Mrs. Owens. I took a few photos and left. There was an Athens Speedway Reunion profile on Facebook. I clicked on EVERYBODY to be my friend. It's been interesting!

Athens Speedway Entrance
Athens Speedway Concession Stand
Turn 1
Looking down turn 1
The Flagstand

Aerial view of the Athens Speedway
Aaron Gailey's car

Merle Dalton's car
Tommy Logan's car. Gary is in this photo, too.

Tommy Roberts
Charlie Burkhalter
Billy Potts
W.C. Lockman
Denver Phillips
Jimmy Langford

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11

I remember being home in bed since I worked 2nd shift, talking on the phone to Chadwick's in BOSTON about my charge account! The CSR said, "Do you know what's happening?" & "Do you know I am in Boston?" Upon arriving at work, the NAVY SCHOOL on Prince Avenue had blockades at the driveways. I was promoted that day to 1st shift.
My ex-husband and I went to Pigeon Forge that weekend for a car show. Pickups everywhere had the American flags flying in the back of their trucks. We enjoyed that weekend but with the thoughts of what had happened in our minds, too.
This evil thing and the Columbine shootings, Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing were played out on TV in front of my daughter, Holly Gaddis, between the ages of 11 and 16, her formative years. Thank you, God, for keeping her mind fixed on You instead of all the other ways she could have escaped these images!